Bunkers from World War II (1933-1945) & the Cold War (1945-1991)


Oranjewoud – Landgoed Oranjewoud, BB Commandopost Friesland-b

CW – Holland – Oranjewoud – Landgoed Oranjewoud.
BB Kringcommandopost Friesland-b.

This bunker was built at in 1966 for the benefit of the “Bescherming Bevolking” (Civil Defense) service in the period of the Cold War. The bunker served as Command post for the region “Kring Friesland-b”, which took care of the civilian population in the region around Oranjewoud / Heerenveen.
The bunker was manned by men and women and one could stay here for 14 days and stay independently in case of an atom, bacterial or chemical attack. In the bunker there were beds and sanitary facilities as well as a food supply, drinking water and fuel.
The bunker was only meant for BB officials who had a job in the bunker. It was not a shelter for passers-by, people or family members.
After the Cold War, the bunkers in the country were emptied and transferred to various owners.

See also, Museum Bescherming Bevolking.

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1x Regional Commandpost Civil Defense, +/- 40 pers.

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