France, Charente-Maritime, Pointe de Suzac.
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2 hours
Pointe de Suzac.
AOK 1, KVA E1, Gironde Nord, H.K.B. Köln, Gi 30.

This battery can be found 20km south of Royan at the Pointe de Suzac. The main road, the D25 leads you along the coast and when you reach the top of the hill at Point de Suzac, you can take a small unpaved road to the right. After 200m you will see the bunkers lying in the field.

The battery is built on the remains of a old French fortress and consist of three casemates of the type 671 to cover the Gironde. The other casemates are of the type 669. One of them has been transformed into a house and is no longer accessible. The firing instructions came from a 636a fire-control bunker. All the bunkers are in a poor condition, except a nice Tobruk for a 5cm mortar, type Vf 61. This beauty is located in the centre of the battery on high grounds, overlooking the area.
Another bunker that is special, is a rare bunker for a searchlight. It is an old French building that is re-used by the Germans for a searchlight. You can find it near the southern 671.

3x 671 Embrasured emplacement for central pivoting gun(120º) without annexes.
3x 669 Embrasured emplacement for field gun (60º) without annexes.
1x 636a Command post for army coastal battery(unit command post).
1x Tobruk61a for 5cm mortar.
1x Gun emplacement for 10,5cm K331(f).
1x Tobruk with annex.
1x Blown-up bunker.
1x Remains.
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