France, Seine-Maritime, St. Aubin sur Mer.
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St. Aubin sur Mer

This town can be found east of Veules les Rosses, in the village you can drive in the direction of the beach and the boulevard.
On the eastern side of the boulevard is only a small Vf. mg left, a highlight is a nice date that you can see above the entrance. When you are standing on top of the hill you can see a bunker lying upside down on the beach below.
At the other side of the boulevard, on the terrain of a camping is a fully closed 612 casemate.

1x 612 casemate.
1x Vf. mg, number 4.
1x bunker upside down.
© Bunkerpictures  - Type 612
© Bunkerpictures - Vf. MG