Bunkers from World War II (1933-1945) & the Cold War (1945-1991)


Hauptverbandplatz Landgoed Wassenaar

AW – Holland – Zuid-Holland – Wassenaar
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Freie K
üste Katwijk-Scheveningen


On the estate Landgoed Wassenaar near Wassenaar there is a German “Hauptverbandplatz” (casualty clearing station) hidden between the trees and plants.
There are 2 so-called “Operationsbunker”  in Vf and a “Verwundetenbunker” (wounded bunker) for 60 people in Vf at the location.

The site is private property and therefore not accessible!

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2x Vf Operationsbunker
1x Vf Verwundetenbunker 60 pers.

Date(s) of visit(s): 2014