Sleeuwijk – NAVO Noodbrug

CW – Holland – Sleeuwijk – Emergency Bridge for Military Transport.

In the 1950s, the Netherlands with its many rivers and waterways was not yet everywhere and provided with extensive bridges. On the Merwede River near Gorinchem and Sleeuwijk, a ferry provided the connection between the two banks. NATO found this undesirable at the time of the Cold War and the lack of a permanent cross-river connection.
In 1954, both municipalities were informed by secret instructions and requests about the planned construction of an Emergency Bridge for Military Transport.
The construction of the 600 meter long bridge over Merwede takes from 1954 to the beginning of 1955 and consists of 3 parts. Concrete pillars (11 + 5) are placed on both banks with support points on the water side. Bailey bridge parts would be laid over these pillars and on the water 14 bridge sections would be sailed in as pontoon bridge from the port of Sleeuwjik.
Almost all the 5 pillars on the Gorinchems side have been demolished due to area development. On the Sleeuwijk side there are 11 plus the support point and the exits are still visible.
Shortly after the NATO emergency bridge was completed, a fixed bank connection was established in 1961 with the adjacent bridge in the A27 and the emergency bridge became inactive. Source

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1x NATO Emergency river bridge 600 meter

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