Goes – BB Commandopost Zeeland-a

CW – Holland – Goes – BB Kring Commandobunker Zeeland-a in Goes.

At the Kloeitingseweg 40 in Goes is the former BB Kringcommando bunker of the Kring Zeeland-a. This bunker was built in 1968 after the reorganization of the BB, the organization for the protection of the population, was also implemented in Zeeland. It concerns a standard design from that period, but does have a special adjustment around the emergency exit and air supply. Since Goes is on an island that could run underwater due to the circumstances, this had to be taken into account in the design. The emergency exit and the inlets and outlets for the air supply are situated more than 3-4 meters above ground level. That way I could also leave or enter the bunker if the area was underwater.

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1x 1x Regional Commandpost Civil Defense, +/- 40 pers.

Date(s) of visit(s): 05-2019