Goes – NCO-bunker PTT/KPN

CW – Holland – Goes – NCO-bunker PTT/KPN Goes.

This NCO bunker (nuclear chemical protected accommodation) of the former PTT / KPN, was built around 1986 under the then telephone exchange at Van Spiegelstraat 2 in Goes and partly under the square in front of the door.
The NCO can be reached via the main building and a connecting corridor.
An NCO bunker was intended to ensure sufficient and uninterrupted telephone connections for government services and persons involved in times of crisis, disaster or war.
This worked partly via the “normal” network but also concerned the so-called “emergency network” for special circumstances. This was a closed network with only functional users connected such as government, province and municipal authorities, but also defense, water boards, railways and the fire services, police, ambulance services and a host of other services and officials.
Throughout the country, 23 NCOs were set up by PTT / KPN to maintain the special network. All NCOs have since been dismantled and a different form and technical implementation of the Emergency Act have been developed, the so-called Mini Noodnet.

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1x NCO-bunker for communication services, +/- 40 pers.

Date(s) of visit(s): 05-2019