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5-04-2016     About www.bunkerpictures.nl
During the past years there were no updates installed. This because I am working on developing a new website design and trying to build it with modern web technology. Those activities are not always successful and I had some private and work issues to handle. Meanwhile I have been busy with numerous bunker projects and made also several bunker tours and photographed them.

The intention is to start again as soon as possible with the development of the new website. I hope to show the loyal visitors as soon as possible a new website and information and I like to thank you for your interest. 

Raphael Smid, www.bunkerpictures.nl
                      Thanks for your interest in our work and your kind comments.

10-12-2013     New Holland AW, Den Haag/Scheveningen, Wn.311 Befehlsstand fur den Fuhrer der Schnellboote. 
02-08-2013     Update Holland AW: Den Haag /Scheveningen, Wn.66 H Bpt.223 Mammautgerat Kijkduin
31-07-2013     Update Holland AW: Middelburg Park Toorenvliedt Stp. Brunhild.
28-07-2013     New Holland AW: Hoek van Holland, Strandboulevard radar/Zeetoren Wn15 HM.
                      Update Holland AW: Moerdijk bridges Eisenbahn-Nord II.
20-07-2013     New Holland AW+CW: Den Haag, Plein 1813 shelter. 
15-07-2013     New Holland AW: Den Haag/Scheveningen, Stp.Clingendael, SK-Sani bunker INSIDE.
                      Update Sources: Books.
09-07-2013     New Holland Inland: Kootwijk, Radio Kootwijk Senderstation Kriegsmarine.
                      Update Holland AW: Hellevoetsluis Stp. XXVIII.
03-07-2013     New Norway AW: Rogaland, Festung Stavanger, Sola Airfield Stp. Sola II.
29-06-2013     Update Holland CW: Westerschouwen, extra Pdf-file.
                      Update Holland CW: Den Haag Min. BiZa Noodzetel.
                      Update Holland AW and CW: Park Overvoorde Rijswijk.
                      Update Holland AW: Hoek van Holland Oranjekanaal Wn 33H.
24-06-2013     New Holland Inland: NEW PAK-emplacement found, Vordere Wasserstellung Gouda
                                                    Moordrecht update PAK-emplacement Vordere Wasserstellung.
19-06-2013     New Holland Inland: Leusden – Asschatterkeerkade.
16-06-2013     New Czech Republic: Prague Nuclear Bunker.
13-06-2013     Updates Sources: Books.
                      Updates Links.
                      Updates Various.
03-06-2013     New Holland AW: Rotterdam Wesrtzeedijk and Schulpweg.
                      New Holland AW: Vlaardingen Flak emplacement
                      New Hollland CW: Schiedam Command Post.
06-04-2013     New Holland AW: Rotterdam-Het Park bunker of the Kampfkommandant.
28-03-2013     New Holland AW: NEW bunker found that was marked as demolished at
                      Stp.Gr. Moerdijk / Willemsdorp Autobahn-Nord Bpt.95.
01-03-2013     New Holland AW:  Den Haag/Scheveningen Badhuisweg 622 excavated and going open. 
25-02-2013     Update Holland Inland: Moordrecht PAK-emplacement.
25-01-2013     Suggestion for a look back: Island Gossen Norway with Heavy Flak Batt. Pillau and Bulle. 
                       Also H.K.B. Gossen-Sud and a nice Command Post and inland defences. 
17-01-2013     Suggestion for a look back: Island Tarva Norway with MKB Hussoen 28cm guns.
10-01-2013     Suggestion for a look back: Verteidigunsbereich Den Helder.
05-01-2013     Suggestion for a look back: Verteidigunsbereich Vlissingen. 
                      Update Links.

01-01-2013     ** Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 **
                      Thanks for your interest in our work and your kind comments.