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The discovery of a book in 2003 drew our attention to the Atlantikwall and marked the beginning of our interest for bunkers, and the Atlantikwall in particular. Our first trip in 2004 took us to battery Todt in Calais, France. After this, many field visits followed to bunkers closer to home in the Netherlands. The hobby became more serious by the day so in December 2004 we launched our website Bunkerpictures.nl. Here we provide pictures, locations and information about bunkers we have visited throughout the world.

During the years, our scope broadened to other fortifications. In particular the Cold War (1945 – 1991), Civil Defence in Holland, Dutch defences prior to 1940 and various others. We also endeavour to provide a proper inventory of remaining objects, condition of the objects and possible reuse. For each location we have visited, we try to give you the types of the bunkers, information about their functionality, historic context or other relevant information.

In our years of visiting bunkers around the world, we have encountered all kinds of (dangerous) situations. So when you are visiting bunkers make sure you are aware of the following:
 – If the bunkers are on private property, it is necessary that you ask permission in advance.
 – Be careful in dunes, fields and woods. Respect the natural environment.
 – Make sure you have a flashlight with you at all times, with spare light/batteries.
 – Never enter a bunker alone or without flashlights.
 – Watch out for holes in the ground, low hanging objects and other obstacles.
 – Leave the bunker in the same condition as you discovered it, for the next visitor.
 –Watch out for livestock, wild animals and especially bats.

For locations where there are bunkers with extraordinary elements –bunker art or original interior- we are very reserved with providing information about where to find the bunkers, this is to prevent the bunkers from being stripped.

If you want more information about a certain location, you want to report an error, or you just have a question, please contact us via our contact form.

Raphael Smid & Koen Smid

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