Stp. XXXXII HM Bpt. 217 Strandweg

AW – Holland – Zuid-Holland – Scheveningen & Den Haag.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen.

Harbour: Here you can find 5 bunkers in the dike between the boulevard and the first harbour. They are located at the backside of a sea wall, behind the “Visafslagweg”. You can’t enter these bunkers, they are almost completely covered with sand. 
The 622 was till 2016 used as museumbunker.

Types[su_tooltip position=”top” rounded=”yes” size=”2″ content=”Only the objects we have found !”]:[/su_tooltip]
1x Küver 450a group bunker for 12 men, nr. 8560.
2x Küver 450a group bunker for 12 men.
2x Vf2a Group shelter.
1x 622 Twin group bunker, nr. 8598.

Date(s) of visit(s) : 2004, 2008, 2010