Stp. XXXXIV M Bpt. 218 MKB Westduin

AW – Holland – Zuid-Holland – Scheveningen & Den Haag.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen.

This location was a large one, there was a coastal and a AA battery and lots of secundairy bunkers in the area but they have been demolished ore they disappeared under the sand. 
Today you can only find some pieces of stone and a small Vf. building hidden in a hill near the Wieringsestraat-Pampustraat.
At the south side of Scheveningen (Duindorp) you can find a way in to the dunes called Baden- Powellweg. When you follow this path (only by foot or bicycle) you can find visible but laying low in the dunes a former German canteen that was part of the battery Westduin.
After the war, it is used as a storage-bunker for old, highly flammable nitrate films. The outside is hardly to recognise because of the safety measurements.

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1x German canteen.
1x Vf. building

Date(s) of visit(s) : 2005