Wn. 311 Bpt. 228 Führer der Schnellboote

AW – Holland – Zuid-Holland – Scheveningen & Den Haag.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen.

This location can be found near the Westbroekpark and is called the “Belvedere”, the best way to enter the park is from the Duinweg. At this location many bunkers has been build and survived till today but they are all covered.
This location was till 1944 the HQ of the “Führer der Schnellboote”, the bunker a very rare type, only 3 build, V149 – Befehlsstand für den Führer der Schnellboote. 
The bunker is located at the top of the hill in the park and there was/is a tunnel leading from the bunker to the villa Sandhage, that villa is still there today but all the bunkers are buried with earth and not accessible.

December 2013, the local bunker foundation, Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen, got permission to open up the V149 bunker for one day. It took a whole day to dig a opening and during the opening several hunters of visitors took the opportunity to visited this rare bunker.
The bunker is closed the day after.

V149 has been build at:
1x Den Haag/Scheveningen NL Belvedere, Führer der Schnellboote (closed/original)
1x Utrecht NL  24 Oktoberplein, Befehlhaber1. Sicherungsdivision (re-used / demolished 2010)
1x Angers Erign FR Le Chateau de Pignerolle, Stab. Admiral Atlantikküste (prive/museum)

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1x V149 Command post for commander of the MTB’s
Xx There are some small remains left.

Date (s) of visit (s) : 2004, 2013